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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Connecticut

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Connecticut

DeSantis Law Firm is a team of experienced trial lawyers that focuses on criminal defense, state, and federal cases. We are reliable, honest, and knowledgeable, with over two decades of work experience. No matter how severe the charges are, we have the expertise to defend you in every situation. We are serving the state of Connecticut.

Trusted Lawyers for Your Case

When your freedom is at stake, you seek an aggressive and experienced lawyer on your side to represent your interests in the court of law. At DeSantis Law Firm, we have extensive expertise in state and federal courts and defend you against criminal charges such as murder charges, drug offenses, and domestic violence charges. Our attorneys believe every client deserves to be treated with dignity, and we provide services with professionalism and dedication. We have a team of experts on standby to assist with your defense including private investigators, forensic psychiatrists, mitigation specialists, DNA experts, and fingerprint experts.

DeSantis Law Firm
DeSantis Law Firm

Why Choose Us

  • We are committed to ensuring that our clients' constitutional rights are protected.
  • We have the skills and know-how to fight a variety of criminal charges.
  • We defend you aggressively and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • We work to ensure that any collateral consequences related to a criminal case are taken into consideration.
  • While representing your case, we maintain privacy based on needs.


At DeSantis Law Firm, we strive to aggressively and thoroughly defend our clients constitutional rights.